Train a genetically modified duck and challenge the strongest duck racer in your area in Duck Life 7.

As a trainer in Duck Life 7, you must teach your duck how to run, climb, fly and swim.

Duck Life 7

The famous strategy game is back! A year after the ban of genetically modified ducks, the strongest duck racer has ruled over your area. Your task, as a duck trainer, is to train your duck in running, climbing, flying, jumping and swimming. Your duck must be strong enough to compete in the tournament. But not all ducks can join the tournament. Only those that can beat the strongest duck racer will be given an invite to join the tournament of Duck Life 7. At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to choose among three duck eggs. Once you have done so, you will need to train your duck with three mini games. These mini games will help increase your duck's running level. The first mini game will increase your duck's speed while the second and third mini games will challenge your duck's endurance and reaction to obstacles. You can use your arrow keys to move. Just don't forget to collect the coins that you will see throughout your way. You can use these coins to purchase some items at the duck shop. Most importantly, you will need these coins to feed your weak duck. Also, you will need to keep in mind that the duck racer won't race with ducks with low running levels. That means your duck must train enough to get to level 10. No doubt! Duck Life 7 brings a whole new light to duck racing.

Duck Life 7 is a cute strategy game that you can play for days. It features a unique storyline that will certainly tempt you to play.